Let's start with introductions.

I’m Kyle, 29 year old designer living in Montana.

I moved to Montana in Oct. of 2019, just a few months before the pandemic. Most of my experience with the state has been under a blanket of snow during the long winters, or like many of us, in duality with stay at home orders. I came to Montana from the flat lands of Oklahoma that I called home for 10 years. I remember my first morning waking up here and seeing the mountains and just being in awe of their towering majesty. Over the past year I’ve developed a yearning to be connected to my environment, explore its wonders, and to be a steward of its secrets. 

Today I find myself in a familiar pattern, searching for purpose and fulfillment in life. Over the years this search has repeated itself. I’ve explored hobbies and developed skillsets that have guided me through my life. These hobbies turned into jobs, jobs into careers, and careers into chapters of my life.

To better understand me you must know my joys in life, things that I pursue out of desire and passion.


I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. We didn’t even have an art class at our school. When I got to college, I decided I’d take an art class and fell in love. I learned how to translate form, emotion, and shape onto paper through a variety of mediums. I’ve always been inspired by the human form and the uniqueness of us all.


I expanded my exploration of the human form, its ability to portray emotion and chased the effects of light and shadow. I got my first camera in 2010, three years later I landed my first job doing product photography where I hand built a studio, managed thousands of products, and met near impossible deadlines.


On my 28th birthday I got my first house plant. Since then I’ve become a bit obsessed. I find myself walking past my plants, putting my fingers deep into their soil, feeling for moisture, providing them with water, sunlight, and monitoring that I’ve given them their best chance at success. Growing has been an incredibly grounding and meditative experience, especially in 2020. I currently care for 62 house plants with 12 propagating for fresh potting in the spring. 


Working in a mostly digital medium, spending hours behind the blank canvas of a computer screen can leave one lacking in the the feeling of physical accomplishment or tactile fulfillment. Lately I’ve been branching out into using my hands in more traditional trades. I’ve recently picked up a bit of construction/woodworking. It brings me great pride to design and build my own desk, my own dining room table, my own patio furniture.

I share these moments and passions with you to help you understand that while not all of these are “resumé” skills they, at the core, make up who I am. Many hours have gone into personal reflection to become who I am today. Someone I am proud of, and someone who is excited at the possibilities of their future.