The influencer Marketing Association had the unfortunate experience of doing all the right steps to update their branding and standards, but being less than enthused with the results. They were working with a friend of a friend of a friend which resulted in more conversations that lead in circles than with fruitful results. I was charged with looking at the results they currently saw potential in, deciphering the conversations that lead there, correcting the path, and most importantly reaching the destination.



I had about 10 days with this project. A series of unfortunate events lead them into locking in a launch webinar with predominate speakers on a time sensitive topic. Which meant that meant their brand revamp deadline was set in stone. They needed to develop a brand, a website, marketing materials, and webinar collateral simultaneously.

I spent first two days with them locking in branding, it was a lot of lengthy meeting and multiple working sessions to work through iterations to evolve a concept that they loved in the creative process but that missed the mark by the previous designer. 

Original Logo
Previous Designers Logo
My Branding Explorations
Second iteration on exploration
Second iteration on exploration​



The following days we worked out a lot of styling guidelines, with direct application use in building their website, and collateral. Overall it was a very exciting opportunity to help define a non-profit that looking to help standardize their industry.

Final Logo
Typography that shows personality and authority
Colors that provide energy and build trust




Since this was a brand basically starting from scratch it has little to no market share it was important that visually we were able to make connections to what people saw and quickly relate it to the IMA brand. We did this through creating specific treatments to photos that consisted of a custom black and white treatment, cutting out the event speakers and then placing them into the custom bean shapes that complimented their photo.

Site Design

As we started creating we also had to build landing pages to promote the event. As soon as we locked in the logo, colors, and design elements we had enough to build a landing page that presented the IMA’s new brand.

Marketing Collateral

Each speaker had their own audience, their own platforms and being in the influencer space they new the importance of strong graphics and flexible collateral. We kept this in mind as we generated social graphics. These ranged from instagram story, to in feed, to newsletter and everything in between. We gave our speakers collateral that was personalized to them as well as collateral that was for the event as a whole. 

9x16 - Story Format
4x5 - Lg. In Feed Format
4x5 - In Feed Format
16x9 - Sm. In Feed Format
2x1 - Header Format